There are eight auspicious symbols, essential to Tibetan ceremony that originated during Buddha’s lifetime: umbrella of protection, golden fish, treasure vase, lotus flower, conch shell, endless knot, victory banner, and wheel of truth.


The symbols represent:

Umbrella of Protection (Tib. dug) Representing protection for the poisons of anger, craving, and ignorance.

Golden Fish (Tib. gser nya) Representing increasing good fortune.

Treasure Vase (Tib. ter gyi bumpa) Representing inexhaustible spiritual treasures and prosperity.

Lotus flower (Tib. padma) Representing the purity of our Buddha nature which is unstained by the surrounding mud of materialism.

Conch Shell (Tib. dungkar) Representing the deep, far reaching and melodious sound of the teachings.

Endless Knot (Tib. palbe’u) Representing connection and interdependence.

Victory Banner (Tib. gyaltsan) Representing a victory over ego-clinging.

Wheel (Tib. khorlo) Representing the wheel of truth.