Lama Gyurme is a master painter and craftsman that began his art studies at the age of 15 at the Mindroling Monastery in Tibet. At this young age Gyurme became adept in Tibetan ritual, art and monastery traditions. In 1998 Lama Gyurme was invited to teach painting at the Shanshung Institute in Italy, one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist centers outside of Tibet. He spent two years teaching Westerners traditional Tibetan art and sculpture, and during his tenure there he studied Italian and English and wrote an important history of Tibetan Art. Lama Gyurme first traveled to the Unites States in 2001 and upon returning to Tibet he conceived and began the G.L.A.S. Foundation, a Tibetan run NGO devoted to the promotion of traditional Tibetan arts in Tibet. Focused on the establishment of a Tibetan Art School in Southern Tibet, it is the first of its kind. In 2005 he returned to the United States to raise money for the school and to continue his teaching of Tibetan traditions and practices.


At an early age, architect and artist, Courtney King’s love of great architecture and ceramics was ignited. Raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Courtney grew up visiting the designer and tile-maker Henry Mercer’s distinctive poured concrete structures: Fonthill, the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, and the Mercer Museum, and was trained by numerous tile-makers in this tradition.





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